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Strings Council Leadership 2020-21

Strings Council is a student leadership organization consisting of members in the Strings Classes. Leadership goes above and beyond the call of duty. Responsibilities and duties of leadership begin with being leaders not only during rehearsals and performances, but 24/7. During rehearsal time, leadership is expected to be participating in the rehearsal. Duties that require extra time must be executed outside of rehearsal time except when the duty is directly related to the rehearsal itself.

In the spring, an online application form will be available for leadership positions for the following school year. After the initial application, interviews are held. More information coming in April 2021.

  • President: Megan Wang
  • Secretary: Vanessa Lu
  • Activities Coordinators: Emily Kim, Alex Tupperainen
  • Communications Manager/Social Media: Derek Li
  • Outreach Coordinators (Mentorship): Sarah Wang, Tara Deng
  • Outreach Coordinators (Newsletter): Darren Yang, Mizuki Yaesawa
  • Production/Tech Team:
  • Operations/Stage Manager: Diana Wu
  • Librarians:

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