Lord Byng Ensembles:
Here at Lord Byng, we have several different ensembles for players of all levels of experience. Students may be divided by age/grade, playing experience and years of playing.

Beginner Strings
Beginner Strings is an introduction to stringed instruments for students who have no prior experience.

Junior Strings
Junior Strings is a course that provides opportunities for students with limited experience who want to continue down the Strings path in school.

Junior Honour
Junior Honour is an opportunity for younger students to challenge themselves musically.

Junior Symphony
This orchestra provides an opportunity for both string and band students to play together in a full orchestra.

Intermediate Strings
This course is designed for students who want to improve their musical skills and whose goals are to perform at a senior level.

Senior Strings
Senior Strings provides an opportunity for senior-level students to refine their orchestral playing and communication skills.

Senior Honour
Senior Honour is the highest-level ensemble. This extremely successful string orchestra that participates in international music competitions and regularly wins awards.

Lord Byng Symphony Orchestra
LBSO is the the foremost symphony orchestra here at Lord Byng. Students get to play a wide range of music and senior students are given the opportunity to perform solo or be accompanied by a full orchestra.

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